JSC «Soyuzmorgeo» was established in October 2003 by equitisation of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise - Production Association (FGUP PO) «Soyuzmorgeo» (former All-Union Offshore Scientific and Production Association for Geophysical Petroleum Prospecting (VMNPO) «Soyuzmorgeo» - since 1978) under the order of the Ministry of Property Relations of the Russian Federation. Actually, the company’s history began in 1972, when its ancestor «Yuzhmorgeo» was created as the principal enterprise and one of two major offshore geological & geophysical organizations (together with «Sevmorgeo») of the Ministry of Geology of the USSR. In 1978, it was divided by the Government Executive Order with transfer of one part to the «Glavmorneftegaz» Agency organized in the Ministry of Gas Industry. It got the name «Soyuzmorgeo» then and focused on offshore geophysical exploration of oil and gas in all seas of the former Soviet Union